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Magazine Scans from 2001 – 2005
February 2, 2020    0

Working on adding some of the older content from Renee’s career to the gallery. Added five years of magazine scans. Gallery Links: – Renee Zellweger Online > Home > PUBLICATIONS >

Vanity Fair’s 2020 Hollywood Edition
January 28, 2020    0

Renee is on the cover of the 2020 Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair. Gallery Links: – Renee Zellweger Online > 2020 > 003

Good as Gold: Renée Zellweger talks taking fans over the rainbow in Judy
December 18, 2019    0

“I love Snoop Dogg — don’t you?” We do, of course, but hearing Renée Zellweger admitting she’s a Snoop stan at her EW cover shoot in Los Angeles is an unexpected twist. But the unexpected is really what we should expect from Zellweger, who became a household name when she “completed” Tom Cruise in 1996’s […]

Actors On Actors – Full Conversation With Tom Hanks & Renée Zellweger
November 19, 2019    0

Here is the full interview clip of Tom & Renee did for Actors on Actors. In their Actors on Actors conversation, Tom Hanks and Renée Zellweger talk about playing real-life people, Mr. Rogers and Judy Garland, in their films this year, and they reflect on their first jobs in the film industry. And here are […]

Renée Zellweger’s Lost Decade
September 4, 2019    0

After Bridget Jones, after the Harvey-at-Miramax years, after a break from acting, now she’s ready to play Judy Garland. It’s a wildfire-hot August afternoon in Topanga Canyon, the air so dry and still you can practically hear the sagebrush gathering itself for the conflagration. Everyone’s gulping down great lashings of CBD water, including Renée Zellweger, […]

What/If Made Renée Zellweger “Uncomfortable” And She Loved It
June 20, 2019    0

The star on her new Netflix series and how her own experience with fame prepared her to play Judy Garland. Renée Zellweger was in first grade when she learned that acting could sting. To be an elf in a school play in Katy, Texas, she taped construction paper circles on her nose and cheeks—and discovered […]

Town & Country Photo Shoot
June 20, 2019    0

I have added a beautiful new photo shoot that Renée did for the May issue of Town & Country magazine. Gallery Links: – Renee Zellweger Online > > Outtakes > 2019 > 002

Variety’s Actors on Actors Series
June 4, 2019    0

Renee is being featured as part of the Actors on Actors Series by Variety. She will be doing an interview with Sam Rockwell. variety has released one image from the promotional shoot. Gallery Links: – Renee Zellweger Online > > Outtakes > 2019 > 001

Gallery Update | Scans from 1994 – 2000
December 13, 2016    0

I have started adding scans to the gallery from 1994 to 2000. Gallery Links: – Renee Zellweger Online > PUBLICATIONS

Renée Zellweger Reveals She Took ‘Bad Advice’ About Hiding Her Exhaustion
September 15, 2016    0

Renée did an exclusive interview with People to discuss her break from Hollywood and what motivated that. I think this is a beautiful interview that all Renée fans should read. Thank you to Jess Cagle for such a beautiful interview. With Bridget Jones’s Baby, her first movie in six years, Renée Zellweger is back in […]