American Way – September 2016

The Real Renée

2016   |   Written by Jennifer Birn

As the star of soon-to-be released Bridget Jones’s Baby, and one of the most successful women in Hollywood, Renée Zellweger is the name on everyone’s lips right now. Red’s Rosamund Dean caught up with the actress for our October issue, and in the process, discovered 10 reasons why she’s our hero…

She champions female friendship

“I depend on my little group of girlfriends… all of them different, and brilliant. We get together and watch (Beyoncé’s visual album) Lemonade, and subsequently email a million Lemonade jokes. And mantras.”

She laughs off gossip in the best possible way

“I read that [I was getting married] too! Isn’t it exciting? I wonder what I’ll wear.”

She doesn’t stand for bullying culture

“Where is it coming from that it seems okay to sit in your room and cause pain to somebody, for the sport of it? When did we become that? Trying to humiliate people we don’t know because we have an idea about who we think they are, or because it will sell papers but with no concern for the effect it might have on their lives. What are we fostering in our younger generations with this bullying behaviour?”

She speaks in her British accent even when she’s not Bridget

Although she jokes it’s a constant thing, the accent is only applied when instructed by her Bridget Jones’s Baby director. “Sharon [Maguire] told me to keep it up.”

She’s not afraid to hit the breaks on her career

“I’m a working girl, but I did save my money so that, when it was time for me to take a minute, I could.”

She gives her younger self excellent hypothetical advice

To her younger self, the actress would say: “Don’t lose this joy, this gratitude, this enthusiasm. Keep having fun. Because at some point it starts to feel like less of a discovery and more of a responsibility and, when one outweighs the other, it gets challenging.”

She loves Bridget just as much as we do

And her reason for admiring her character so much? “She always survives it. Whatever it is. Gives us hope.”

She’s all about self-acceptance

On the media’s scrutiny of women, Zellweger says: “‘This week she’s too fat to be loved. This week she’s too skinny to be loved.’ What are you going to do? Everyone has fat days and, if you can’t be loved on them, then whatever.”

She laughs off the ridiculous commentary that surrounds single women

“[Jennifer Aniston] is living the dream… She does what she wants creatively and she has a great boyfriend and these great dogs. She’s so happy. Poor Jen? That’s hilarious to me.”

She’s not afraid to make mistakes (and she admits to making them)

But she won’t divulge them. “Oh, I can’t tell you… I can’t tell you that one either… Hmm… or that one, or that one, or that one…”