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What/If Season One Images
February 1, 2020    0

I have added the rest of the captures of Renee as Anne Montgomery in the Netflix series “What/if” along with some new stills and set images. Gallery Links: – Renee Zellweger Online > Television > 2019 | What/If > Season One

What/If Made Renée Zellweger “Uncomfortable” And She Loved It
June 20, 2019    0

The star on her new Netflix series and how her own experience with fame prepared her to play Judy Garland. Renée Zellweger was in first grade when she learned that acting could sting. To be an elf in a school play in Katy, Texas, she taped construction paper circles on her nose and cheeks—and discovered […]

Captures for the First Five Episode of What/If
June 16, 2019    0

If you haven’t watched What/If yet you need to! Renée as Anne Montgomery is phenomenal! She is amazing in this role! I have added captures from the first half of the season to the gallery. Gallery Links: – Renee Zellweger Online > > Outtakes > 2019 | What/If > Season One > Episode Captures

Blake Jenner & Jane Levy Talk About Working with Renée Zellweger on What/If
June 13, 2019    0

Blake & Jane talk about working with Renée on their new series What/If during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Renee Zellweger and Mike Kelley on Deconstructing Fate and Consequences in ‘What/If’
June 4, 2019    0

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched “What/If,” streaming now on Netflix. Writer and executive producer Mike Kelley’s latest piece of dramatic storytelling is a limited series morality tale that starts with a high-powered, wealthy woman named Anne Montgomery (Renee Zellweger) offering Lisa, a young woman with a startup (Jane Levy), […]

First Images from What/If
May 17, 2019    0

Images from Renée’s new show What/if have been added to the gallery! Gallery Links: – Renee Zellweger Online > > 2019 | What/If > Season One

What/If Trailer
May 17, 2019    1

Renée stars as Anne Montgomery in the new Netflix series What/if which premieres on May 24th. What/If a mysterious stranger made you an offer too extraordinary to refuse? Desperate to secure funding for her med tech startup, an idealistic scientist and her husband strike an outrageous deal with a mysterious investor.